Mauna Kea Cloudforest Bioreserve


Forestry and Arboretum

Nursery and Xmas Trees

Volunteer/ WWOOF on the farm

The Farm Resources

regenerative crops and livestock

We grow xmas trees, food crops and we tend to livestock


Our nursery specializes on conifers and fruit trees

Volunteer Cabins

We have room for a crew of up to 4-6 volunteers .

Zendo and Community Center

Come to our farm to practice Zazen. Our community center provides the perfect practice space for Zazen

Hilo Waterfall House

A small part of the farm is dedicated to overnight farm stays.

Forestry and arboretum

Much of the farm is dedicated to conservation of rare and endangered plants.

Choose the way you wish to connect with us

buy our farm products

The Bioreserve produces nursery stock and field grown xmas trees for sale to the public to help fundraising for our educational activities. We also produce food crops mostly for the community but we expect to eventually produce more than we consume.

book an overnight farm stay on our waterfall

Our modest guest house on our waterfall is available for farm stays. Guests are invited to participate in daytime educational activities on the farm. We limit the amount of tourists on the farm to maintain the amazing contemplative environment the farm provides.

volunteer on the farm

We welcome volunteers from all over the world. Whether you come to us through WWooF or as a direct volunteer or as a longer term resident, you are part of a vibrant community dedicated to regenerate the land and the spirit.

practice zen with us

We offer a daily sit and weekly dharma talks. Silent work days are offered once a month and we offer dedicated silent practice periods in May and October for Sesshins and 10 day Vipassana retreats.

Take part in our Zen Practice


6:30 - 7:00AM

Every wednesday

6:00PM - until Pau

Wed february 15


may 1-7

7 days

“We must make the adoption of regenerative agriculture available for all farmers from all backgrounds…we must educate not only farmers and ranchers but all society as to these concepts which are rooted in indigenous knowledge. It is not just about emission reductions. .”