Wynoochee Early

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Fruit Fact: Wynoochee Early, a variety of apples

A great all purpose delicious mid-Summer apple that happens to have a rather large list of superior qualities, from disease resistance and excellent keeping qualities all the way to the thin skin which almost disappears when cooked. This is one apple that never needs to be peeled.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Wynoochee Early
Species: malus domestica
Synonyms: None
Origin: Discovered near Aberdeen, Washington
Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Very large cream-yellow apple with red stripes.

Flavor and tasting notes: Tastes more like a late Fall apple than a Summer apple, sweet yet balanced with good tartness, firm.


Very well adapted to the cooler regions of the Bay area and the coast. Best in coastal valleys of Central California, but seems to do well just about anywhere. The best storage attributes will manifest in the cooler Summer climates.

Bloom Time Rating: F14

Growth Habit:

Still being evaluated in the Cloudforest orchards.

Vigor: T2

Harvest, storage and consumption:

Wynoochee early ripens in early August, about two weeks before Gravenstein and stores unusually well for a Summer apple - it will keep well right until Christmas.

Begin of Harvest: mid July
End of Harvest: early Aug
Stores Until: mid Dec


The skin almost disappears when cooked, which makes it just about the best cooker around during the middle of the Summer, but a great full bodied dessert apple as well, and suitable for cider.

Eating: Yes
Cooking: Yes
Cider: Yes


Known for it's strong resistance to scab, just about as scab resistant as liberty.

Scab Susceptibility: Low
Fire Blight Susceptibility:
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility:
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility:
Black Rot Susceptibility:
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility:
Fly Speck Susceptibility:
Coddling Moth Susceptibility:

Nurseries that carry this variety: