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Fruit Fact: Peach, a type of Stone Fruit


Introduction: Peach

Family: wef

Common Names: qwerf

Related species: qwerf

Distant affinity: qewf





Chill Requirements: qwef


Growth Habit: qwef

Flowers: qe3f

Fruits: qe3f


Location: qewfwarning.pngUnsupported type "_geo" defined for property.

Irrigation: qef

Fertilization: q34rf

Pruning: 1324r

Frost Protection:: 123er

Pollination: 123r

Propagation: 123r

Pest And Diseases: 2314r

Harvest: 1ef

Storage And Consumption: 123r

Commercial Potential: 123r


Peachs varieties are classified under the Peach Varieties node. (If this link is red, it means the category has not been added yet.) Click on the variety category link to navigate to the varieties.

Abbondanza, Adersleber Calvill, Alkmene, Ananas Reinette, Anisim, Arlet, Berglander, Berner Rosenapfel, Birnapple, Brettacher, Brownlees Russet, Calville Blanc D'Hiver, Calville Rouge D'Automne, Celestia, Cellini, Champagne Reinette, Cinnamon Spice, Coconut Crunch, Doctor Matthews, Dorsett Golden, Early Harvest, Ellisons Orange, Faibella, Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg, Gravenstein, Harrison, Hauer Pippin, Jefferis, Kidds Orange Red, Kuno Wase Satsuma, Lady Williams, Landsberger Renette, Laxton's Fortune, Makepeace, Milo Gibson, Moomi Pippin, My Jewel, Orin, Pacific Gold, Pettingill, Pfirsichroter Sommerapfel, Pigeonnet Rouge, Pink Lady, Pink Pearl, Red Dougherty, Redgold, Roter Eiserapfel, Signe Tillisch, Sweet Bough, Tydemans Late Orange … further results warning.png"Peach" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.