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Fruit Fact: Makepeace, a variety of apples

Delicious low chill apple from San Diego county that was popular in the 70's.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Makepeace
Origin: Paul Thompson claims to have received this apple from a source in Rancho Santa Fe and has promoted this variety since then. It appears to be a seedling first grown in Rancho Santa Fe in the late 60's.
Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Green skinned apple with a somewhat flattened shape, bright white flesh. Develops pink flush on sun-exposed sides.

Flavor and tasting notes: The almost white flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet, a very high quality dessert apple.


Appears to have similar chilling requirements to Winter banana, very well adapted to warmer climates.

Bloom Time Rating:

Growth Habit:

Vigorous tree that bears early and heavily.

Vigor: T3

Harvest, storage and consumption:


Begin of Harvest: mid Sept
End of Harvest: early Oct
Stores Until: mid Dec


An excellent storage apple, keeps 4-6 weeks at room temperature. Excellent dessert quality, but can also be used for cooking if picked early.

Eating: Yes
Cooking: Yes
Cider: No


Scab Susceptibility:
Fire Blight Susceptibility:
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility:
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility:
Black Rot Susceptibility:
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility:
Fly Speck Susceptibility:
Coddling Moth Susceptibility:

Nurseries that carry this variety:

The only reference I've been able to find online for this apple is CRFG Interview of Paul Thompson