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Welcome to the Cloudforest Wiki, a repository of all the gardening knowledge of our community. Browse this page to see an overview of all the Wiki sections.

The Cloudforest Wiki is organized into Knowledge Bases. Each knowledge base consists of a database of articles or fact sheets adapted to the particular Each project has a taxonomy root category page from which you can access and query the knowledge base. We rely on community participation, and everyone is encouraged to contribute to the pages. All the knowledge bases are enabled with forms that make the contribution process easy.

Entries into the different knowledge bases can be cross-linked and cross-referenced to make the process of searching for information much easier.

To browse all the knowledge projects, please go to the Knowledge Bases Home Page. The rest of this page features the most popular knowledge base projects currently underway in the Cloudforest.

Fruit Facts

The first project to come to the Cloudforest Wiki is a taxonomy of Fruit Facts covering the fruits of the world. The fruit facts are not botanical in nature, but rather, they are geared towards the grower and gardener. If you are looking for more specific botanical information, we recommend you consult Wikipedia, which has thousands of botanical entries. Click here to go to the Fruit Facts Taxonomy root: Category:Fruit Facts. If you are interested in contributing, then please contact Axel via a personal message, and you will be added to the Wiki contributors. You must be a registered user to contribute.