Kidds Orange Red

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Fruit Fact: Kidds Orange Red, a variety of apples

An amazing cox style apple with a deeper red color, later ripening and more disease resistance than the original cox orange pippin. The best cox-style choice for Central and Northern California.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Kidds Orange Red
Species: malus domestica delicious x cox orange pippin
Synonyms: Delco
Origin: Kidds' Orange Red is a cross between red delicious and Cox's Orange Pippin made by James Hutton Kidd in 1912, in new Zealand. James is the same fellow who created telstar and freyberg, and then gala.

Kidds' orange red was James' first success with major commercial potential. Kidd planted five acres in the new variety, which he named Delco. He sold the propagation rights to the New Plymouth nursery firm of Duncan and Davies for £2,000 in the early 1930s; they marketed it as Kidd's Orange Red.

Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Medium sized fruit with deep red over yellow-orange background, some striping like the original cox. Tends towards slight russeting.

Flavor and tasting notes: Crisp textured, good sweet-tart balance, excellent cox-style flavor, strongly aromatic.


This apple is ideally adapted to much of California, but may be too late ripening in shorter season, higher latitudes climates.

Bloom Time Rating:

Growth Habit:

Semi-vigorous tree with upright growth habit

Vigor: T2

Harvest, storage and consumption:

Early October in California to late November in cooler, more Northern latitudes.

Begin of Harvest: early Oct
End of Harvest: mid Oct
Stores Until: mid Feb


Mostly a dessert apple, does not have a good enough pulp to juice ratio to make it a good candidate for cider.

Eating: Yes
Cooking: No
Cider: No


Scab resistant, susceptible to European cancer.

Scab Susceptibility: Low
Fire Blight Susceptibility:
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility:
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility:
Black Rot Susceptibility:
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility:
Fly Speck Susceptibility:
Coddling Moth Susceptibility:

Nurseries that carry this variety:

GRIN cross-reference: PI 247026

Photo Gallery

The GRIN version of this apple came via Denmark.(c) USDA GRIN

References: Kidds Biography in the New Zealand Encyclopedia