Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg

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Fruit Fact: Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg, a variety of apples

Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg is a delicious German Fall ripening cox style apple that features a nice balance in between sweet and tart. It's also a good looking apple that has performed very well in Santa Cruz county, reliably producing delightful aromatic fruit. Don't confuse this apple with dutchess of oldenburg, a tart Summer apple commonly found in US orchards that originated in Russia.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg
Species: malus domestica Minister von Hammerstein x Baumanns Renette
Synonyms: Oldenburg, Geheimrat Oldenburg
Origin: Germany, 1897, bred at a German horticulture teaching institute in Geisenheim, the "Höheren Lehranstalt für Obstbau".
Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Mid to large sized apples, yellow green background, pronounced bright red blush and red stripes on sun exposed sides.

Flavor and tasting notes: The flesh is light, crisp and fresh, with nice aromatic overtones, typical sweet and tart combination commonly found in many German apples.


Appears to be very well adapted to Central California, does not display any chill problems, and fruits reliably with high quality.

Bloom Time Rating:

Growth Habit:

Semi vigorous grower, almost vigorous in the Central California climate. Strong vertical growth. Froms plenty of spurs even on vertical growth.

Vigor: T2

Harvest, storage and consumption:

Late August to early September in California. mid to late September in higher latitudes. Stores for a month or two with a tendency to go mealy. This apple is best eaten fresh off the tree.

Begin of Harvest: early Oct
End of Harvest: mid Sept
Stores Until: early Nov


Excellent dessert apple and juicy, suitable for apple cider.

Eating: Yes
Cooking: No
Cider: Yes


Under poor conditions, it can become susceptible to powdery mildew and scab.

Scab Susceptibility: Medium
Fire Blight Susceptibility:
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility: medium
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility:
Black Rot Susceptibility:
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility:
Fly Speck Susceptibility:
Coddling Moth Susceptibility:

Nurseries that carry this variety:

Not available in US nurseries, which is a shame given the high quality of the apple.

Photo Gallery

Typical G. Dr. Oldenburg fruit, sun exposed fruit will color well. (c) by Sven Teschke