Calville Rouge D'Automne

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Fruit Fact: Calville Rouge D'Automne, a variety of apples

Famous bright red berry favored French heirloom apple that dates back to before 1670.

Variety Background:

Most Common Name: Calville Rouge D'Automne
Species: malus domestica
Synonyms: Calville Rouge, Calville D'Automne, Calville rouge normand
Origin: Exact origin is unknown, all we know is that it came from France, first mentioned in 1670 (in an old book - referenced by A. Leroy). Was popular in orchards in Normandie, grown in both France and Italy, now finding a renaissance in European Farmer markets.
Patents or Trademarks: None


Description: Large, generally bright red shiny apple with the classic pentagon Calville signature - ribbed in a way that makes it look like a pentagon when viewed from above the calyx. Apples from deep inside the canopy don't fully develop red color all over, the base color is green and stays light green when fully ripe. Bruises easily. Skin quickly becomes waxy once in storage, has a very short shelf life and is meant for immediate consumption.

Flavor and tasting notes: The delicious brisk and sweet soft white flesh is very juicy and most definitely berry flavored, but not aromatic. It has all the characteristics of a classic Summer apple even though it ripens in September. It's best eaten straight off the tree as it does not have much shelf life, although it will mellow a little on the counter for those who do not like tart apples.


Mid season apple that appears to have lower chill requirements. Needs a decent amount of Summer heat to fully develop enough BRIX to balance out the tartness.

Bloom Time Rating: F14

Growth Habit:

The tree has a semi-broad yet upright growth habit. It is very vigorous and precocious, with an ever slight biennial bearing habit which fades out with tree age and when properly thinned.

Vigor: T3

Harvest, storage and consumption:

In California, fruits ripen early September and need to be consumed within a month of picking. They do mellow a little off the tree, so it's best to harvest them a little sooner, once they've begun to turn bight red.

Begin of Harvest: early Sept
End of Harvest: mid Sept
Stores Until: mid Oct


Calville Rouge d'Automne has enough tartness to hold up it's flavor in cooking, and it also doesn't loose it's shape, yet the flesh becomes smooth and creamy. This is an ideal apple to bake pies and canning. It also makes a delicious and colorful translucent apple jelly. Great also for juicing and cider. Great also as a dessert apple eating out of hand, the fruits look spectacular and taste very good.

Eating: Yes
Cooking: Yes
Cider: Yes


A very robust tree, fruits rarely have any scab and coddling moths seem to avoid it. Very large, 100+ year old trees are not uncommon in France, a testament to the robustness of this variety.

Scab Susceptibility: Low
Fire Blight Susceptibility: low
Powdery Mildew Susceptibility: Unknown
Cedar Apple Rust Susceptibility: Unknown
Black Rot Susceptibility: Unknown
Phytopthera Rots Susceptibility: Unknown
Fly Speck Susceptibility: Unknown
Coddling Moth Susceptibility: Low

Nurseries that carry this variety:

Trees of Antiquity

Photo Gallery

Amazing deep red Calville Rouge grown at the Cloudforest. Notice the pentagon shape near the calyx, the classic signature shape of calville apples. (c) The Cloudforest Gardener

The flesh of calville rouge is white, juicy, and berry flavored. (c) The Cloudforest Gardener

Calville rouge starts to bloom in early April and is in full bloom by mid-April at the Cloudforest Orchard. (c) The Cloudforest Gardener